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Using our broadcast facilities, you can enjoy fully interactive Airbus A320 Technical Training, Command Preparation, Failure Management, and Technical Competency Workshops, all from the comfort of your own home or office.


One Day Command Theory and Failure Management

Command Preparation courses by the A320 Lounge.
On this one day live course we focus on Commander Responsibilities and Failure Management so that you are fully prepared and can take and pass your command assessment with full confidence.

Our Command Preparation Courses return from September.

Fast track your command and prepare for your upgrade with complete confidence and competence.

Two-Day Tech Refresher 

16 hours of our best-seller technical online training from our latest webinar. All watchable in your own time in the comfort of your own living space with all our downloadable infographics included.

A320 Lounge Abnormal & Emergency Course Bundle

Welcome to a new era of aviation training. Immerse yourself in the brilliance of 4K quality, meticulously crafted to exceed every standard to instill confidence. With multi-angle precision and expert production covering 20 abnormal scenarios & emergencies, join our online classroom trusted by 500+ pilots worldwide.

New Podcast Episodes Released!

This month we'll be releasing episodes from the highly loved A320 Podcast that you won't want to miss.


Mark Morgan is currently a Captain with a large UK Airline where he has held training roles as well as an Instructor for a large international training organisation. He has a degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Cambridge.



Abdullah M

I don't know where to start or even what to say. Thank you is not enough, what we covered during the course was  an absolutely incredible experience. You have defined a new way of teaching, literally. You have set the bar high and this is the first time in my life where I have seen a 5 star online teaching experience. What I witnessed was both "Theory & Practice" you showed us how things are meant to be in the books, during simulation and how they look in the aircraft in real life. Just fabulous! Overall this experience to me was 100%, it cannot be any better than this.

Tony C

Whether you are starting out your Airline career and have just finished studying for the type rating course, or you are an experienced pilot looking to refresh your knowledge then the A320 Lounge technical refresher course is second to none. Its two day online interactive format allows you to absorb a huge amount of knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere and Mark the instructor is fantastic. All in all an excellent way to spend two days.

Adam C

The A320 2-day online refresher was absolutely superb and I cannot recommend this highly enough. The way the team builds up all the systems from their most basic components into full operation is nothing short of amazing, as they made even the most complicated subjects, incredibly straight forward. A huge amount of time and effort clearly went into the presentations and infographics (which were sent to each attendee) and this will be a hugely beneficial training aid for my up-and-coming LPC.  I have already told all my flying friends and I will definitely be attending the next webinar.

Derek C

A technical refresher course second to none.


Mark was an exceptional instructor and combined with the superb graphics I found the training both interesting and easy to understand.

As a Training Captain of 17yrs I couldn’t recommend this course more highly whether you're looking to just refresh your aircraft technical knowledge or whether your about to start a type rating course. Great graphics, great instructor, really well organised.

It will fit the bill perfectly.

James D

Thank you for the excellent and extremely informative course. The two days provided me with very valuable revision of my technical knowledge but also taught me a lot of things I didn’t know.  I particularly love the way Mark covers complicated topics in such a logical way and explains why a system is designed to operate in a certain way.  This makes remembering how a system works so much easier and makes the whole learning experience so much more interesting.  This sort of explanation is not something that you can get from a CBT conversion course.

Claire D

I want to thank you all for all the work, energy and effort you clearly put into making this webinar.


I found the 2 days extremely valuable. You managed to capture all the essential information in an dynamic and effective way that facilitated not only learning, but crucially, understanding – this is the level of training that type rating courses should be aiming for.  

The product you provide is brilliant, I point people in your direction every chance I get!


Please pass my thanks to the your entire team.


Woman Typing


No more travel and HOTAC expenses with multiple nights away from your home and family whenever you want to brush up your Airbus knowledge. Who wants to do that? Train in the comfort of your home instead, no new software required, just an internet connection and any browser.


All of our Webinars are Live. You can ask your instructor a question at any point during the day and of course after the event. This can be done via ‘Chat’ or Live. There are 2 pilot moderators per session feeding your questions to your instructor, as well as a professional producer in the studio managing the webinar. Live webinars are fully interactive.



This is not just a basic Zoom/Skype call or an instructor being filmed stood in front of a Whiteboard.


We use cutting-edge technology solutions and professional broadcast audio and video equipment to give you a fully immersive and interactive experience, even better than if you were in a classroom. This is all run by our production team in their London studios, whose clients also include Sky Sports, BBC, Formula E, Renault F1 Team and Alpine F1 Team.


You get all the benefits of a physical, in-person course, where you can ask questions and chat with other members plus, you get the convenience of being in the comfort of your own home without the travel or accommodation expenses normally experienced when attending a multi day course.


Our courses are perfect whether you've got a Simulator check coming up, an upcoming Command Course, or you're just getting started on the Airbus A320, or even if you just want to increase your knowledge about one of the world's popular airliners.






Course Breakdown

Day 1 - 0930 -1730 GMT


Welcome & Introduction
Indicating/Recording Systems
Flight Controls


Day 2 - 0930 - 1730 GMT


Air Conditioning and Pressurisation
Landing Gear


The founders of The A320 Lounge are a combination of current airline pilots, type rating ground school and simulator instructors with backgrounds in online content creation and broadcast. They use their knowledge and experience to create the perfect content.

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