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Booking Process & Info

01/ Follow our booking link above to our external payment processing gateway.

02/ On the booking page it shows a range of dates. You will be signed up to all of the webinars in the series. (details below)

03/ After paying you will return to the Payment Successful page. You will be sent an email with the schedule as well as your webinar link. This is unique to you and cannot be shared. Please ensure to check your junk email folder if you have not received it instantly. All emails are sent from

04/ All the times listed are in the email and on our website are GMT. You can amend these in the booking process but we only publish GMT.

05/ If you join late, no problem. You can jump into any webinar at anytime whilst it is live. The Tech Refresher Webinars are also recorded and then available to watch for 7 days after the session start time with all the links emailed to you. Please do not share this. If unusual activity is detected, the system will remove your replay. (Note: Live Command Prep Day Webinars are not recorded)

06/ Each webinar session requires a different web address. This is included in your sign up email. Please save it as it is a useful reference for all the replays.

07/ 10-15 minutes before the start of each webinar you will receive an email. The Tech Refresher webinars are recorded so you can use any of the links sent for up to 7 days after the start time.(Note: Live Command Prep Day Webinars are not recorded)

08/ You can ask questions within the webinar chat. These will be taken by the pilot producer and sent to the main producer who will then forward them to your instructor. It is a true live interactive experience. 

09/ There will also be poll questions from your instructor so do keep the chat open!

10/ If you would like to ask a question via video or voice you will be given a link in a private message to click on with a code to enter. You will then be brought into the webinar. If you are doing this on the same device please mute the audio from the webinar in the browser window. We highly recommend you use a second device to video chat with your instructor, so you can mute your computers audio with the webinar.

11/ If you have any issues connecting please email, the email will be monitored live throughout the webinar.

12/ Please do feel free to leave us some feedback as we are committed to making this the best online aviation training resource.


Course Breakdown


Day 1 - 0930z -1730z


Welcome & Introduction
Indicating/Recording Systems
Flight Controls


Day 2 - 0930z - 1730z


Air Conditioning and Pressurisation
Landing Gear


The founders of The A320 Lounge are a combination of current airline pilots, type rating ground school and simulator instructors with backgrounds in online content creation and broadcast. They use their knowledge and experience to create the perfect content.

Course Breakdown

What You Need

We highly recommended that you have access to an FCOM, QRH & FCTM as these are referenced throughout. Due to copyright issues we cannot supply copies of these.

You will only need a computer and web browser (we recommend Google Chrome) and a decent internet connection. You don't need any specialist software. If you would like to ask technical questions during the training day then you will need a webcam and microphone. Alternatively, you can just use the chat function in the Webinar. We recommend you use another device to call into the Webinar. If you use the same device you will need to mute the audio in WebinarNinja whilst still being able to hear on your device.

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