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We realise that you may not be able to commit to 2 full days training or indeed only need to brush up on one module. We have broken up a course into modules so you can watch what you need. Or you can watch the whole two days in real time at your own pace.

As well as the video you also will be given the PDF Infographic. Please open the 'Files' tab in WebinarNinja when you watch the module. It will pop up 30 seconds or so into the video for individual modules and at the end of each afternoon session for the full 2 day replay.

You can also ask questions in the webinar Q&A section which are emailed to us, or send them to us at:

Video's are live for one month.

Full 2 Day Replay

All modules in real time from our pre-recorded live sessions. All pauseable, rewindable and watchable over and over. 16 Hours of content at your pace!

Indicating & Recording

Learn how the Airbus displays information & gets your attention.

Flight Control Laws

The most requested explanation of any Airbus Pilot. All explained step by step in our sim with infographic.


Learn all about the Airbus electrical system. Full system build-up on our virtual whiteboard and sim.


Hydraulic system built up from first principles as well as more time in our A320 Sim.

Fire & Smoke

A brief overview of the Fire & Smoke system on the A320.

Flight Controls & Laws

The biggy! We build the system and computers up from first principles and explain the Laws in the sim.

Pneumatics, Air Con & Pressurisation

How the air is used in the aircraft after it leaves the engine. Again, all built up from first principles.

Avionics Ventilation

The most misunderstood system on the Airbus demystified and the switches explained in the sim.

Landing Gear & Brakes

Brief overview of the Landing Gear system, braking system. Full infographic as always. 

Fuel System

Feeding on both the CEO and NEO explaining the feeding schedule as well as time in the sim. 


Revision of the FMA's, a Go Around, Autoland, Autothrust and the Ground Speed Mini System.

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